Whether it’s building a successful career in high tech sales, investing in cutting-edge new startups, or actively diving into grassroots political activity on the local, state, and national level, Kathaleen Wall gets things done.

Kathaleen believes our country needs more conservatives who can cut through the political babble and she’s shown no obstacle can keep her from her goals.

She learned the value of hard work and sticktoitiveness growing up one of seven kids sharing a single bathroom on a small ranch in East Texas. She worked her way through Texas A&M and upon graduation soon moved to Houston where she discovered she had a knack for making her way through the world of high technology, ultimately becoming a major sales force in a highly competitive arena.

She now provides financial backing and her business acumen to a number of small high-tech startups, helping them develop cutting-edge technologies and bring them to market.

After her business success, Kathaleen dived into the grassroots political world with the same level of enthusiasm.

She’s served as a delegate or alternate to both the Texas and National Republican Conventions, worked as a Precinct Chair, and is currently on the Harris County Republican Party Ballot Security Committee. She is a State Republican Executive Committeewoman – Senate District 17, Republican Party of Texas Chair of Election Integrity Working Group and Republican Party of Texas Chair of Voter Registration Working Group. Kathaleen’s also been involved with the National and Texas Federations of Republican Women and a number of pro-life initiatives. 

She and her husband, Holly Frost, have been married for 20 years and live in Houston.

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As your SREC SD 17 Committeewoman, I’m committed to ensure Republicans from
Brazoria, Fort Bend and Harris Counties win elections.

We must win elections to protect our individual constitutional rights!

Using insights and connections from a decade of Republican activism, I will:


    • Outreach to youth, minorities, women, and to other conservative groups that have not self-identified as Republican yet.  
    • Increased voter registration.
    • Use analytics to Identify winning party platform campaign issues.  Use targeted issues to increase the voter base and motivate voter turnout.


    • Join the  SREC’s Ballot Integrity Committee.
    • Organize to place at least 2 Republican poll workers at each location.
    • Support efforts to report Election Fraud at Voting Locations.
    • Stop Election Fraud in the legislature with issue advocacy.


    • For years I’ve fundraised for conservative causes and candidates and I commit to help raise money for the local and state Republican parties. We need a well-funded grass roots to help fight for our Constitutional Rights.

Strong conservative leadership is needed now more than ever.

“I may have a soft voice but I get STRONG results.” – Kathaleen Wall

Kathaleen’s Texas Roots

Faith In God.
Family Values.
Focused Work Ethic.

Growing up, Kathaleen worked for her family’s small business raising cattle on their ranch outside Centerville, TX. She learned to survive by stretching resources, working hard, and having faith in God’s provision. Kathaleen’s family is dedicated to Christian values – reading the Bible daily, attending church weekly, and staying involved in their church. Even through difficult times, her family never applied for government handouts; she and her six brothers and sisters were taught to rely on God and their own efforts to make it through whatever circumstances they encounter.

  • 6TH-Generation Texan
  • Born & Raised on a Centerville Family Ranch
  • Member of Second Baptist Church in Houston Since 1993
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